Today we are writing for a very specific need.  A need that is oftentimes difficult for many people recognize as a need.  However, as it stands our impact in El Salvador could be even greater if we weren’t restricted by our ability to mobilize.

Additionally, it is ironic I write about this need as I recover from a full left knee replacement 😁

We need a second ministry vehicle!

I know you understand that we love doing what God wants us doing here in El Salvador. Like so many countries El Salvador has its own set of challenges, which do not allow us to use public transportation of any kind.  Simply, it is too unsafe.

For the last few years, Melissa and I have been doing whatever it takes to manage with one vehicle, but as our ministry expands and Sophia and Hudson get bigger, so does our need to be more mobile at the same time.

For the last several years, we have rented an additional vehicle when there was no other option.  Every year we end up renting for about 15-20 weeks a year.  We understand that is lots of time with a rental, and much like throwing money out a window but we do it because we must.

As 2018 starts we would like to not have to rent anymore.  We would like to have a second vehicle to use as a tool to help mobilize us more efficiently and cost-effectively.

The vehicle doesn’t have to be anything special, but it must be reliable.  We cannot afford to break down on the side of the roads in El Salvador.  It is simply too unsafe.

In El Salvador, vehicle prices are so much more than I would expect them to be.  A very common example is of a pickup truck I saw the other day.  It was a 2006 Toyota Hilux with 250,000km asking $12,000USD.  It sold in days. Prices are high!

2005 Toyota 4runner

A good friend of ours is selling his 2005 Toyota 4runner with 130,000km and asking $14,500USD, and we know this Toyota in a great shape.

We have seen several good and reliable vehicles, but they all start around $15,000USD or $21,000CDN

Help us double our ministry impact as soon as possible?

As 2018 is beginning, ministry gets into full swing and life gets busy, would you please pray about helping us get a 2nd ministry vehicle?  Allowing our impact to increase.

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