Every year King’s Castle, on a global scale, meet in different countries to help, encourage, and support our work in that country.  As president of King’s Castle International, I have had the privilege to attend and participate in these trips in a unique way. This last January 2015, we went to San Pedro Sula, Honduras and worked with our National Director, Jose Prospero Cerrato Canales, of King’s Castle Honduras and his team.

It’s amazing to see the power and potential…
When one person decides to say yes!
When one country decides to say yes!
When one ministry decides to say yes.

That is exactly what happened in Honduras…except it was 700+ people and 15 countries who said yes!  That week in January there were people from our ministries in Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, USA, El Salvador, Canada, Guatemala, Brazil, Uruguay, Ecuador, Ukraine , Puerto Rico, Paraguay, Belice and Honduras.  Since so many people said yes, that one week in Honduras had exponential results!

  • # of people who heard about Jesus: 53,015
  • # of people who choose to become a Christ follower: 7,368
  • # of people who had prayer for healing: 5,498
  • # of people who had prayer for problems: 4,507
  • # of ministry programas: 96
  • # of reconciliations: 42
  • # of ministry tracks distributed: 100,000
  • # of people who heard via TV: 3,000,000
  • # of people who heard via radio: countless
  • Also there was ministry in the streets, malls, crusades, churches, hospitals, orphanages, schools and prisons!

It’s easy to reach people and begin discipleship….it only takes someone to say yes!

Here are some photos of the week: