With Christmas a few days away and 2017 on the horizon, there is still time for you to give towards our year end project!

2016 has been a fantastic year, with lots of testimonies, but we need to raise $20,000 to end the year in the black. So many of you have already invested in El Salvador and we thank you for it.

We are asking you to please help us raise $20,000.
We are looking forward to ending the year strong, and starting 2017 focused on moving forward.
You can donate here.

December 2016 Bible College Graduation

The students in this photo benefit from your donations.  Last night, we had the privilege to see another graduation of our Bible students. It is these students that are benefiting from the ECONOMICS AND PRACTICAL BUSINESS TRAINING program.  If you haven’t heard about EPBT you can read more about it HERE

These amazing students, that so many of you have met, are being trained for ministry and have a passion to serve others while becoming today’s leaders.

So often we remember many of you and give thanks. Over this Christmas season we pray you will find time to rest, and enjoy your family and friends.

From El Salvador,
Merry Christmas and we hope to see you in 2017,