January started the year off with a visit from my parents.  It’s been many years since their last visit and so it was fun to have them share in some of what we do. Mom and Dad spoiled not only Sophia and Hudson but also Scott and I and helped us buy a much needed freezer.

We put them to work and they helped to clean the carpentry shop that had been sitting, unused during the Christmas break.  The December winds brought with them a lot of dust and debris. We also cleared out all the scrap wood from the renovations we did earlier in the year to make room for new projects.  It was a very big job so the extra hands were welcomed.

Dad helped to repaint the Cosecha Café in preparation for the New Year and he even painted a piece of furniture for me to use in our new office. My mother got to experience what preparing for the new school year looks like here.  She spent many hours with me covering notebooks in coloured paper and plastic, drawing margins on pages and numbering all the children’s note book pages.  I was grateful for the help as it is normally a job I tackle alone.

1st of school 2017We did take some time to be tourists during their visit and enjoyed visiting our favourite coffee plantation and a day at the beach. Grandma and Grandpa’s visit was an excellent way to enjoy the last few weeks of vacation before Sophia and Hudson started their new school year.  This year marked the beginning of 6th and 4th grade for them.