2017 begins for our students…

giving them a new valuable skill set.

Last year we launched our new PRACTICAL ECONOMICS PROGRAM and the vision is taking hold more than ever.

During the last weeks we have been planning and organizing this years schedule and yesterday, as we sat in our final planning meeting we felt encouraged listening to those around us that this year is going to be the best yet.

30 new students will begin the practical side of the program focusing on one specific area that they have chosen. The areas include communications, carpentry, tourism, event planning, baking, arts, and small business training. Within their chosen area of focus we will begin to teach them how to develop their own business plan with immediate practical application.

The goal for the first few weeks is to show them that with correct planning, attention to detail, focus on customer service and follow through they can indeed be successful in whatever they set their minds to.

By the end of week 5 they will have created a business concept,  developed a plan, launched their idea, begun working with a client and earned a profit.

Please pray with us as we begin the new year and pray for the student’s success.

Also, we do need $2500 to expand our carpentry workshop in order to house a portable sawmill, that we already have, giving the students yet another area to create a business. FOR DONATIONS PLEASE WRITE “WOOD” IN THE DONATION NOTES AREA.

We are encouraged and continue to thank you for all your help and prayers!!