In February, King’s Castle hosted a very large conference.  It  brought together children and youth leaders from all over the world.  Scott, along with his communications team, spent many hours with them installing spot lights, sound equipment and learning brand new video editing software.


Due to unforeseen health issues,  Scott was called to go to the Dominican Republic.  He was asked to lend a hand to fellow Global Workers.  He and another missionary, John VanBelle, spent a couple of weeks there.  They helped oversee daily operations, advised on projects, and encouraged their national workers.

Classes: EPBT

Our Economics and Practical Business Training (EPBT) program started with 27 second year students.  Each student chose to work in either: Communications, Carpentry, or Cosecha Cafe (event planning, food sales, and retail training).  The students are beginning to grasp the idea of working towards sustaining their ministries.  As a result, many are excited to develop their small businesses and begin to pay down their debts and stay ahead of their monthly bills. Click here to see some EPBT videos


Melissa teachingClasses: ENGLISH

Melissa is working three days a week teaching English grammar at Sophia and Hudson’s school. She has around 240 students, and teaches 3rd to 6th grade.  The children come from all walks of life and experiences.  Hence, some days are very challenging.   Melissa enjoys investing in their lives and impacting them in a special way.

Karate 1Classes: KARATE

Sophia and Hudson started karate lessons.  Due to heavy school demands and questions of security, they have never been able to participate in extra curricular activities in the past.   But, we found a small dojo very close to our home.  We decided to sacrifice both the time and the money needed to give them something to do other than homework.  In their first tournament, Sophia placed third and Hudson placed second.

Karate 2