Tremors, Thunderstorms, and Torrential Rain:

Every year we look forward to Holy Week or Semana Santa as we call it here.  Semana Santa not only signifies the celebration of Easter, but also a week of vacation.  Sophia and Hudson are always ready for a break.

This year, Semana Santa made itself known with weather we won’t soon forget.  Rather, it will be marked in our minds forever as the year the house shook everyday for a week.  A fault line, located 1 km from our home became very active and subsequently we experienced multiple tremors on a daily basis.  As a precaution, we packed emergency bags, passports, a little cash and medical supplies at the door.  We were ready in case we had to leave quickly.

Along with the tremors, we also experiences thunderstorms every night.  The storms caused our power to lower, raise and completely go out.

Torrential rain caused rock slides.  Consequently causing accidents, road closures, and fear throughout the country.  The weather advisory board suggested that people stay close to home and not venture out until the weather cleared up.

Art Camp 2017In spite of the weather, Melissa hosted an art camp during vacation.  It lasted three days and 12 children attended.  Many of the children were from the US Embassy.  It was so fun to spend time with children who have lived all over the world.  The children completed many art projects. To wrap up the camp, all the parents were invited to a gallery showing of all the masterpieces.


Sophia turned 12 in April.  We celebrated with a family dinner and gifts.  She is blossoming into a lovely Sophia 2017young lady, who is clever, quick witted and smart.  We love her creativity and zeal for life.