May brought with it calmer weather and a team from Hamilton, Ontario.  Bethel Gospel Tabernacle ministered here for 10 days.  They worked in an area called Las Delicias.  Las Delicias is a very hard area.  Gangs rule all the territory and the people live in fear.  Hamilton prepared a VBS program for the children.  The children spent 3 days learning about the goodness of God.  Everyone sang, danced, laughed, and played.  Each child participated in crafts and fun Bible lessons.  The team concluded their VBS with a fun party.

Team Hamilton spent a couple days cleaning and painting the school building in Las Delicias.  The school is in need of repair.  Fresh paint gave it a new look and life.

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All ministry teams enjoy a free day at the end of their missions trip.  Bethel chose to climb a volcano.  Izalco is the most extreme out

Melissa and Hudson Izalco

door activity that El Salvador has to offer.  It is difficult.

Melissa and the kids joined the team on this adventure.  Together they ascended 1821 stairs to arrive at the base of the volcano.  Scaled 2 km of loose
volcanic rock to reach the summit.  Slid down the aforementioned loose volcanic rock to arrive at the base again. Proceeded to re climb the 1821 stairs to complete the adventure.  Melissa and Hudson were unable to complete the entire climb.  Sophia pushed through and at her young age, completed the entire thing.

Sophia at IzalcoSophia cried tears of exhaustion, joy and pain upon completing the task. She was tired, scraped up, hot, sweaty, and overwhelmed.  She is our little hero.

The team was rewarded with a delicious lunch at our favourite coffee plantation.  They returned home happy and content.

Scott and Melissa celebrated 22 years of marriage in May.  They celebrated with an actual night out.  A missionary friend volunteered to babysit the kids.  They enjoyed a lovely dinner at the Olive Garden.

Scott also celebrated his birthday in May.  Sophia and Hudson spoiled him with small, thoughtful gifts.  The family enjoyed a quiet evening together.