June has been a rough month.

Melissa, Sophia and Hudson were quite ill.  Melissa spent an evening in the ER.  The hospital administered blood tests and an ultrasound.  IV fluids and antibiotics put her on the road to recovery.

Sophia had three infections: ear, urinary tract, and respiratory.  The doctor prescribed antibiotics.  As a result, she was well again in no time.

Hudson also had stomach issues this month.  He was tested for parasites.  The tests were negative.  The doctor also tested him for diabetes.  Those tests were also negative.  Due to his issues, we are now watching his diet very carefully.  He is no longer eating a lot of dairy and very limited wheat.  This has helped him immensely.


EPBT classes have been suspended.  In an attempt to allow the students time to work with North American teams.  They will spent the summer as team leaders and translators.  Classes will resume in September.

Science Fair:

Sophia and Hudson both participated in the Science Fair.  As a result of their hard work, they both received 100%.  Hudson’s project was on Endothermic Reactions.  Sophia worked with a partner.  Their project was on Volcanoes.  We are very proud of both children.