Welcome Tamara

As it happens so often, we have teams come and help us for a week or so, there are always people on each team who feel the call to explore some type of future return to El Salvador.  Sometimes, it’s on a future team, sometimes as a ministry student, sometimes longer.  We LOVE it!  Today it is Tamara’s turn.

Everyone we would like you to meet Tamara!!

Tamara hails from Abbotsford, BC in Canada, and is here for at least 1 year with us.  We are excited!! As missionaries, our day to day work life is always changing.  We plug holes and fill gaps as best we can, but we all have specific jobs that we focus in on.  Tamara’s first and most important job is to settle in and get a lay of the land.  For us, it is critical that a new person working with us settles in well.  That is foundational to success.

After that, the sky is the limit!

Tamara will be focusing in on 2 main areas.  Throughout the week she will be helping to teach in one of the 125+ communities we work in. Many of you know, Las Delicias, and the amazing community that it is.  Tamara will be investing most of her time there.  She will be teamed up with Karen Nichols, who has been a pillar of that community for years.

On the weekends, Tamara will be helping our Guardian Discipleship pastors, Naun and Ruth Huezo.  Same last name, but unrelated…I think :).

Please be praying for Tamara and the entire King’ Castle Ministry team as we continue to impact the children.