Next Sunday, a returning team from Kincardine, Ontario will be arriving.  They are a fantastic group, who have come several times, and we are so looking forward to their arrival.

On their last trip, they helped us with some much-needed upgrades and freshening up in our camp kitchen. This year they are going to be completing a major kitchen expansion.

Our camp is used by 1000’s of people every year. Groups from all over El Salvador and intentionally come on a regular basis.  They come for retreats, training, classes, counseling…etc.  Our camp also hosts, most of the 100+ missions teams that come, from North America, and help us every year.  Additionally, our bible school is at the camp, as well as student housing, our agricultural project, clinic, and new EPBT program.

Simply stated, our camp is a centralized high impact facility that strives to empower people to go out and change the world for Jesus.  The camp is used ALOT.

Kincardine is coming down to help us expand our kitchen area and introduce a new section to clean all the dishes that get used.  I know that sounds boring, but trust me, this will help our kitchen staff immensely. It will give the ladies more room to work, stay more organized and help them to see just how much we appreciate them.  These ladies are simply amazing!!

Kincardine has a huge workload ahead of them, but we are ready and organized.  They should get the upgrade finished.  To help we started the construction of the walls.  Kincardine will finish the walls, plumbing, electrical, paint, install the drop ceiling, move equipment, install stainless steel countertops (which were donated by a partner in Wisconsin…thank you very much!!), build & replace about 50′ of upper kitchen cabinets.  Additionally, they have developed and will help us implement a new administrative system for our Pelibuey sheep, visit homes and attend a couple of services.

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It will be a full but amazing week!!!

Please be praying for the team as they travel, work and impact El Salvador.

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